What is the Forest School Leader award?

What is the Forest School Leader award?

The Forest School Leader qualification is highly prestigious, but to understand the value of the award, we need to look at the Forest School process itself. The Forest School process is centred upon enabling learners to gain confidence through hands-on learning experiences taking places in outdoor environments including woodland. The Forest School philosophy is all about treating learners as equally competent, valuable and deserving of fulfilling relationships with the natural world as well as other people. Emma, the owner of Isabello’s has recently been given the Forest School Leader award after receiving extensive training.

Creativity and resilience

The Forest School process involves frequent sessions in natural environments, allowing learners to achieve greater confidence, independence and resilience. The process is also focussed on boosting creativity and is run by qualified practitioners like Emma who are committed to deep-level learning and continuing to build upon their existing skills.

An alternative learning model

The process is influenced by the teaching of a number of key educators and philosophers such as the Macmillan sisters, Leslie Paul and Wordsworth. The Forest School was launched when educators were placing more emphasis on the value of alternative learning models after the introduction of the national curriculum. The process generally takes place throughout all four seasons.

Inclusive and forward-looking

Children are taught about caring for the natural world, risk-taking and working with others during the process. The Forest School has links with a number of approved training providers and offers what it calls an “inclusive, forward-looking and democratic” approach to learning. Further information on The Forest School can be found on the official website.

About Isabello’s

Isabello’s is a pre-school situated in Sayers Common near Brighton, close to the A23. The team specialise in providing enthusiastic, inclusive and fun childcare for children aged between 2 and 5, helping kids develop skills that will serve them well throughout their entire lives. Following the EYFS framework, the team enable children to learn not only in the ground but within the surrounding areas too. The team offer a wide range of additional activities, such as Yoga for Kids and languages to assist with reasoning, problem-solving, concentration and more. Reach Isabello’s today by calling 07534 701 625, using the form on the website or by sending an email to info@isabellos.co.uk

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